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Satire: The Miracle of Chance

To the materialistic evolutionist who believes that life, the world and the universe are the result of random, undesigned occurrences I have a modest proposal. While for them Jesus could not have walked on water nor could Moses have parted the Red Sea, they must concede they possess one critical, unsung element in their world view – the miracle of Chance. The events I will identify are so common they could even be considered mundane miracles.
Take for example the organ you are using to read this article. The development of the eye has played an interesting role in the debate between creationists and evolutionists. I believe the latter group has missed an opportunity to celebrate the miracle of Chance not just in the development of the eye, but even more so in the random mutations that brought about those structures that support the eye. I speak, of course, of the eyelid, eyelash, eyebrow, eye socket, and even the development of the lowly tear duct. And thank Chance that the optic nerve and the visual cortex just happened along at the right time as well. How marvelous that without plan or design, by the sheer miracles of Chance, the eye was able to be supported, covered, and lubricated by these non-related mutations. What are the odds of that?
Materialistic evolutionists everywhere are missing a great opportunity to embrace their own virgin birth – the delivery of progeny without a father or any other nuisance which could demand parental rights and privileges. That is a miracle about which evolutionists have heretofore been too modest. Just think of the development of the reproductive systems of the genders. With male and female we don’t just have the random mutations of an organism generating structures within symbiotic systems, we have two organisms developing complementary seed packages (sperm and egg) and delivery mechanisms (fallopian tube and seminal vesicles) who stumbled into each other in the dark and made beautiful music. Now that is impressive.
And reproduction is a miracle of Chance that should not be thought of in just human terms. Humbug on the anthropic principle. These miracles of Chance have happened from nearly the beginning of life. Birds do it, bees do it, even lemurs in the trees do it. From the Cambrian explosion to Cro-Magnon couples the law of propitious chance has been operating in astounding ways its miracles to perform.
And speaking of stumbling into each other in the dark, what about that slick move from quadruped to biped? Miracles abound from head to toe: the change in the foramen magnum’s position on the skull, the curvature of the spine to allow the body to be balanced over two instead of four feet, the change in the arms, hands and thumbs, the orientation of the pelvis, the straightening of the leg, and thank Chance that the big toe decided to get in line with the other ones. Think how hard it would be to buy shoes if it hadn’t.
It must be conceded that the miracle of Chance must have been operational from the beginning of time. From the strength of the strong and weak forces, to the chemicals in the bilious soup in which life formed, I stand in awe of the possibilities, or should I say probabilities at work. The fact that all that is, whether organic or inorganic, whether Krebs cycle or menstrual cycle happened without a design or designer takes ones breath away. For the materialistic evolutionist, God may not have been there to roll the dice, but Chance was and apparently they were loaded.
Don Williams is senior vice-president for Academic Administration at Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences.

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