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San Diego AF conference: Creation Care and Global Sustainability

I just opened by San Diego Adventist Forum newsletter and this was the good news. It looks like a promising conversation on some very present truth.

Creation Care and Global Sustainability: Ethics for a Small Planet

That’s the focus of Retreat #11, May 2-4, at Pine Springs Ranch. With Bob Ford, Ph.D., as the facilitator and primary speaker, discussions will address:

  • historical and philosophical background to the sustainability concept
  • involvement of Adventism in the discussion
  • the implications of involvement for the church and for the individual member
  • how Adventism’s involvement differs from that of other, contemporary religious organizations
  • apparent contradiction between advocating a “soon return of Jesus” and hence a short earth future AND now focusing on ways to protect the earth (and the universe) from self-destruction

“Sessions begin following supper Friday; conclude Sabbath afternoon. Vespers and entertainment will follow. A leisurely breakfast Sunday will conclude the weekend.”

If you’re interested in attending, email Jim Kaatz at: ak-jk[at]

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