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Same Sex Marriage: The Empire State and the State of the Empire

With election year around the corner and licking fresh wounds from the upsetting loss of a “safe” congressional seat, nervous Republicans in the New York State Assembly abandoned allegiance to DOMA* and joined their Democratic colleagues in making New York the sixth state of the Union to legalize gay marriage. The elected representatives in the state of Anthony Weiner have demonstrated to the rest of the nation that certain expressions of previously sexually taboo behavior have been sanitized in the whimsical font of political correctness. As Governor Cuomo attached his signature to the societal altering bill, sexual behavior that not too many decades ago was deemed abnormal by the American Psychological Association has all of a sudden been normalized in the Empire State.

The Reprobate Empire

The bourgeoning support for same gender marriage reminds me that this earthly empire that so often feels like home is actually the temporary domain of the deceiving devil. Captivated by their own cognitive dissonance, many American Christians have forgotten the unchangeable apocalyptic script for our times and depend on human governments to prevent further hemorrhaging of biblical morality. Brainwashed by various forms of British-Israelism, they believe that America is the renewed land of promise whose blessings are only guaranteed if the government understands its role in Yahweh’s theocracy.

However, as a student of prophecy, I see things differently. As much as I would have preferred another outcome to the New York vote, I understand that events of the day serve to remind us that the forces of evil are rallying for their final stand. The Bible is clear that before the inauguration of Christ’s impregnable moral kingdom, the elect of God will be repeatedly assaulted by those who hate His will and are appalled by his loving standards. They revel in self indulgence and worship gods created in their own image. So focused are they on obliterating the memory of God from their reality, that the Father of liberty releases them to their own reprobate mentality.

Inevitable Evolution

Could it be that some who so enthusiastically support the effort to grant homosexuals marital rights are showing signs of this depravity? One does not have to confine their research to the Bible to understand the abnormal nature of same sex relationships. Biblical teaching about gender is also strongly supported by natural law. Human biology is clear that sexual reproduction under normal circumstances is only possible when gender opposites copulate. Further, many avoid discussing the sanitation issues and permanent physiological damage brought on by male homosexual activity. Yet, in the face of these scientific realities educated and elected individuals throw the weight of their academic and political credentials behind theories that proclaim the death of gender. Those professionals that still uphold standards that reflect biblical mores on sexuality are relegated to the quagmire of quackery and lambasted with accusations of bigotry.

In light of the inevitable, I can see why President Obama claims to be experiencing cognitive evolution on the subject of gay marriage. He has read the cards and knows that he cannot straddle the fence on the issue much longer. Rightly, I believe, he supports the freedom of individuals to commit to a partner of their choice. He also opposes families blocking access to partners of terminally ill sick family members. Aside from the moral questions, these rights are reasonable, and those who deny them on biblical grounds don’t understand God’s gifts of free will and grace. Nonetheless, even as the President struggles with his spiritual convictions, the prince of the power of the air is pressuring him to move beyond his current civil rights position and embrace the gay lobby’s demand for special privileges.

Prelude to Persecution

As we get closer to the coming of Christ, the line in the moral sand will become more distinct as the people of God are forced take a stand. In light of the imminent law, the test has already come for some. The State wisely chose to exempt religious institutions from the ramifications of the new mandate; however, all other institutions are obligated to obey. Elected Republican official, Barbara MacEwen, who serves as Town clerk for Volney in upstate New York has boldly declared that she will not certify any same sex marriage in her jurisdiction. Politicians and gay activists have reacted swiftly, demanding her resignation and the removal of all others who refuse to enforce the new law.


I don’t know Ms, MacEwen’s religious convictions, but I do know that there are millions of others who will have to make principle based decisions. These not only include those in similar government positions to the Volney Republican, but Christian business owners who will be mandated to extend benefits to same sex spouses. Strangely, the State Assembly’s vote purported to be based on civil rights, but in many ways has deprived many Christians of their first amendment rights. In make a ruling on the sacred institution of marriage, the legislators of New York have–in effect–established a religious doctrine and–with its mandates–are prohibiting opponents from practicing their faith.

Conclusion: Life Him Up

In closing, I am fully aware that a number of Spectrum readers have evolved further than President Obama on the issue of same sex marriages. Judging from reactions to my previous posts on the topic, many don’t even consider homosexual sex to be immoral. Notwithstanding, the kairos demands that I address this issue. I firmly believe from the depths of my heart that this issue is symptomatic of the deeper spiritual sarcoma that has metastasized to a number of members and organs in the Body of Christ.

My prayer is that our love for our homosexual brothers and sisters will be a pure one that has its roots in the Kingdom of God. The licentiousness exuding from Satan’s empire purports to be love, but is nothing but hedonistic anarchy. As citizens of the New Jerusalem, we are called to lovingly challenge the values of the evil empire as we point souls to the high and lifted up Christ, who alone can pull them from the cesspool of depravity and draw them to his cleansing righteousness.

As we assess the state of the former Lucifer’s empire, it may seem as if he is winning the ideological warfare as people prefer secular theory over sacred theology. Nonetheless, the prophet reminds us that soon and very soon the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdom of our Lord and His Messiah, and He shall rule for eternity. I don’t know about you, but I want to experience that kingdom. Until then, always remember that a tree is known by its fruit.

Keith Augustus Burton serves as an Associate at the Bradford-Cleveland-Brooks Leadership Center at Oakwood University. He has lovingly pastored gay and straight members and believes in the transforming grace of Jesus Christ.

*The Defense of Marriage Act

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