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Road Trip to Elko: Cowboy Poetry II

Since Laura has given you a most eloquent introduction to what our trip is about I will simply tell you how I came to invite her.

The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering is an event that I have long wanted to attend. I always meant to get there but it just never seemed to be the “right time”. Well on that chilly December day, as I sat nestled upon my couch, reading VIA Magazine, I came across a small side bar about the 25th anniversary of the Gathering. It gave me a bit of a jolt and I started to meditate upon my life. 2008 had been a very turbulent year in my life and I had been struggling emotionally. As I stared at the picture and words, a revelation occurred to me. I had been consciously making an effort to reconnect with old friends, cultivate some new relationships and to stop “putting off” doing things that I had always wanted to do! So I decided right there and then that this was THE time to go! I did a swift flip of my mental roll-a-dex, picked up the phone and called Laura.

I knew she was going to be excited and she didn’t disappoint! She asked, “How long do I have to decide?” I said, “Two days!” I would have loved it if Max could have joined us, but I was not the least bit surprised when he said, “Sorry, but I ride for the brand”. Always the gentleman though, he simply told Laura to, “Go for it”! So I got on line and applied for a press pass. By this time I was way too excited and worried, that we wouldn’t get the shows we wanted, so I ordered tickets too!

Then we got really giddy and decided it was time for these two cowgirls to kick up their heels a bit and pack the wardrobe! In our everyday busy lives, we don’t get to do that much and this was just way too fun to pass up. So with the tickets purchased, the hotel reserved, the outfits selected, and a driving lesson for Laura in my truck, followed by a delicious dinner she prepared, we are ready to go. So when Laura e-mailed and said that Bonnie wanted us to “Blog” our trip for Spectrum, it just put the frosting on the cake. So for what it’s worth, I hope we can convey our experiences to you and that you will be able to feel the fun and joy that I know we will find as we head into the vast high desert.

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