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REVO Touches Down at Pacific Union College

On May 18, 2008, at 7 p.m., REVO PUC, a student-organized fundraiser for social justice, will be held on the Pacific Union College campus. It will feature a fashion show, a poetry slam, a flea market, and a live concert.

REVO (short for revolution) started in Hilo, Hawaii, in 2007, and has since become a chain of awareness-rasing events geared toward different causes of injustice around the globe. REVO PUC is directed toward increasing awareness and funds to stop human trafficking. Event organizer Rachael Thompson says that the inspiration for the event came to her after activist and entrepreneur David Batstone visited the campus and talked about the “Not for Sale” campaign to stop human trafficking. Thompson said, “Our hope for REVO, as it relates to the community, is that people will understand PUC to be a place where people are stirred to action in place of apathy. I’ve seen people’s lives transformed as they learn about the truths of modern day slavery, and the idea that they can do something practical to abolish it.”

The flea market will sell items collected from Pacific Union College faculty, students, and staff. Donors were asked to give careful consideration to their gifts. “[This is] not just the junk we’ve been meaning to get rid of,” says Thompson. “We’re mindfully considering the material objects that matter to us, and we’re giving those up, even if it’s just one thing. In parting with our possessions, our goal is to—through the feeling of sacrifice—experience a very personal connection to our cause.”

Entrance to the event will be free and all proceeds will go toward the “Not for Sale” campaign to build a home and vocational center for trafficked or abused children. Click here for more information about the cause and campaign.

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