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Reviewing the Review: None Controversial Edition

February 25, 2010 – Vol. 187, No. 6
Once again, there is nothing in this issue that inspires controversy. However, the cover feature, ANOTHER BATTLE OVER DAVID AND GOLIATH, is interesting and cutting edge informative. Note: For those of you who do not subscribe to the Review, some of the news and articles I review are “members only”. Often, those are worth the very affordable subscription price.
WORLD NEWS AND PERSPECTIVES includes information about the April 20 Ministry Professional Growth Seminar that will take place in Pasadena, California. Featured speakers are: Marguerite Shuster, Miroslav Volt, Roy Adams, and Lawrence Geraty.
SDA’s creation care stance is lauded on the New Humane Society Web Page.
Florida’s Nicholson Center for Surgical advancement received a $4.2 million dollar grant. The money will be used to train doctors in surgical robotic research.
In February, the SDA Health Training Conference met in Orlando, Florida. “The annual summit offered tools for local and regional church leadership to deliver community health programs.”
Gerald a. Klingbeil’s editorial, CONTEXT, makes the case for illuminating even the darkest events of our lives with the light provided by The Light of the World.
ON KEEPING ON, Mark A. Kellner quotes Ellen White to remind readers that “A rich, glorious reward. . .is the prize for which we run”.
NICODEMUS IN THE NIGHT by David Marshall provides the evidence that after his secret conversation with Jesus, Nicodemus was a changed man.
Andrew McChesney, iconoclastic Moscow reporter, as done it again. In DON’T PICK UP! he tells the story of the time that sin called him on the telephone “just a few minutes after midnight”.
ANOTHER BATTLE OVER DAVID & GOLIATH, Michael G. Hasel, the Director of the Institute of Archaeology at Southern Adventist University, confronts the many questions regarding the historicity of the Old Testament before the time of Josiah. The Review is to be congratulated on its evenhanded reporting of this current archeological controversy. This is a MUST READ.
Ellen G. White regarded THE SCRIPTURES AS SAFEGUARD. She paraphrases the Psalmist with these words. “Thy testimonies are my meditation. Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.”
A PORTAL FOR PRAIZE is a MUST READ. It is the story of lay men and women who have created a virtual ministry that opens Internet portals for churches throughout the world. Amazing!
RETHINKING VEGETARIANISM by Wes Youngberg is a MUST READ for vegetarians and those who might want to give it a try.
For young people, It’s all ABOUT EMPOWERMENT, according to Jose Cortes, Jr. He recommends mission projects.
According to Vanessa Sanders, “Christians should be more like drug addicts.” JUST AS YOU ARE explains what she means.

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