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Reviewing the Review: Ministry mag bonus edition

August 13, 2009 – Vol. 186, No. 22
It’s always a thrill to plug an outstanding edition of the Review. Bouquets have been awarded to the editors and writers that made this issue possible. It belongs in the waiting rooms of Adventist professionals across North America. Church members of every philosophical persuasion will enjoy this magazine. Readers, get your hands on some additional copies and give one to a church member that doesn’t subscribe and maybe a neighbor or two.
This Review is a MUST READ from cover to cover, beginning with Bill Knott’s editorial, Calvin’s Genes, and “A Simple Prayer” by Herald L. Calkins on the inside back cover. (Even the adverts are classy!)
Editors, this is the standard to shoot for.
Ministry magazine – August edition
Harold Peters, email
“I am fully convinced that the ‘strong correlation [that] exists between the core values of Islam and of Seventh-day Adventism’ provides us with both a tremendous opportunity and a grave responsibility to share the love of Jesus with our Muslim friends.”
Ron E. M. Clouzet: Doing Evangelism When No one Seems to Care
“What the Rich Young Ruler wanted was to follow Jesus. Like a child counting on his hero, he instinctively knew Jesus could fill the gaping hole in his heart. But what Jesus knew the man needed was to make love a reality. Giving himself to others would finally allow him to keep the spirit of the law, not merely its letter. Thus he could be saved and help others find salvation as well. . .The basic premise is to set out to bless your community with no strings attached, to demonstrate the love of God in some practical way.”
Ronald W. Booth: New to Ministry–With Four Churches
”I must rely on each church to play a very large part in setting its own goals while I provide support and encouragement. Each church must then take responsibility for their growth.”
Candace Huber: Faith Community Nursing in Congregations
“For the church to reclaim its New Testament role as the center for healing in the community, and for the members to experience full restoration in Christ, the messages of health and methods of becoming whole must become an intentional ministry of the church equal to its work for redemption and reconciliation.”
Daniel Schramm: The Art of Listening
“Most clergy could probably improve their ministries by speaking less and listening more. . .An enormously useful phrase to encourage others to open up and share is, ‘Tell me about. . .’ This phrase is useful in numerous contexts. Some examples, ‘Tell me about your ailing mother, your child in trouble, your academic stress, your tears, when you learned you had cancer, your loneliness.’”
James A. Cress: Smile-winning
“I learned that heaven cannot be proclaimed as merely a ‘fire escape’ and that the best motivation for following Jesus springs from a loving, concerned relationship far more than it does from fear or intimidation. . .I have learned not to argue theology or debate finely divided issues. While I could typically win the argument, I could easily lose a friend in the process. . .Jesus. . .asks us to invite people to share the benefits of knowing our Savior by demonstrating His love and interest in their welfare.”

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