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Reviewing the Review: Kids edition

May 28, 2009 – Vol. 186, No. 15
This review is a “feel good” edition. Kids are really WHY WE CARE. Wilona Karimabadi and the KIDS VIEW gang along with Ellen White’s piece, JESUS, GENTLE SHEPHERD remind us that children are the future, and they need and expect us to help them prepare for it, in this world and the next. I asked my 8-year-old grandson about Kids View the magazine, and my report and comments will conclude this review.
Stephen Chavez’ editorial comment, DON’T PANIC, was refreshing in that it was wise rather than religious.
REVIEW REDESIGN REAPS REWARDS, RENOWN. The Adventist Review staff, editors, and Jan Paulsen won a ton of awards at the Associated Church Press Awards banquet. Congratulations to all.
Shawn Boonstra packed ‘em in at the Shrine Auditorium. The cLAim evangelistic effort is hitting its stride. (Sadly, Revelation is once again the featured topic.) There is a lot riding on this $1,000,000+ citywide evangelistic effort. A number of local pastors are on record as saying the money would be better-spent supporting programs at the local church level.
It is my hope that when the cLAim campaign ends and the baptisms are counted up, information will also be published as to its effectiveness as judged by participating pastors and church members. This report should also include a demographic profile of those baptized and those who stopped attending church during the cLAim campaign.
KLINGBEIL JOINS AS ASSOCIATE EDITOR. Gerald A. Klingbeil, former Dean of the Theological Seminary of the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies in the Philippines joins Roy Adams as an Associate Editor of the Adventist Review.
Jimmy Phillips is a new voice that believes in CONTINUING THE CONVERSATION with us old folks when it comes to making Adventism attractive to young people.
Allan R. Handysides and Peter N. Landless let us know WHEN NORMAL IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH when it comes to vitamin B12.
KIDS VIEW is being targeted at students in the third though sixth grade. As I have opined earlier, I believe the differences in age and experience that comprise this group dooms the effort. When I visited Ukiah, CA, I had my 8-year-old grandson, a third grader, review this issue of Kids View.
Adrian’s review: THE ELEPHANT THAT CRIED and TESTIMONY IN A TRUNK (loved the stories), CALENDAR (cool), THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY (baby stuff, uninteresting topic), MOTHERS AROUND THE WORLD (blank stare), and the crossword puzzle, WHAT’S YOUR KIDS VIEW IQ? (uninterested, who remembers that stuff in the other magazines? )

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