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Reviewing the Review: Equal Opportunity

August 21, 2008
Vol. 185, No. 3
Mark A. Kellner and Monte Sahlin have earned Bouquets. No Black Eyes have been awarded. Fain or Feign? by Joyce Rigsby deserves an honorable mention. The rest of this issue is well-written, attractively presented, standard Adventist fare.
Kellner has done an outstanding job of reporting the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s releases regarding religious discrimination guidelines for employers. Unfortunately, I was not able to find this report on the website. Darryl Hosford usually does an excellent job as the online host. Online readers will miss Kellner’s EEOC report and news of Hosford’s own Global Internet Evangelism Network (GIEN) award. Perhaps it’s not too late to add the missing World News & Perspectives section.
Sahlin enthusiastically recommends three books that deserve attention when it comes to practical evangelism. A project called “The Voice” has begun to produce tools for those who may want to read Scripture or tell Bible stories in a reader’s theater format. You can get these tools from Thomas Nelson Publishers at most Christian book stores, here, or directly from The Voice Scripture Project.
Ruthie Jacobsen suggests personal evangelism strategies in her book “Bridges 101”. You can order this book here or 
by calling (800) 328-0525.
A new book by May-Ellen Colón focuses on how to keep the Sabbath. It is titled “From Sundown to Sundown”. You can get this book from your Adventist Book Center or by calling (800) 765-6955.
There’s Still Room, Mark A. Kellner’s editorial, makes a convincing case for citywide public evangelism, namely Claim LA scheduled for 2009. “Is there a place for mass evangelism? The Billy Graham organization thinks so: they’re still sending Franklin Graham, one of Billy’s sons, out to hold large campaigns.”
I have a comment and a question. Billy Graham holds his crusades at the invitation of the pastors and churches in a given area. After the invitation is extended, the Billy Graham Organization requires that a specific percentage of churches and pastors in the area support the evangelistic series. Was a similar process followed preceding the proposed Boonstra’s meetings in LA?
I don’t doubt that The Lord Is With You, Fredrick A. Russell, but the “confident” claim, “God is with us!” has been used to promote some mighty shaky leadership decisions!

Andy Hanson is a professor of Education at California State University, Chico.

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