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Reviewing the Review: Brief Edition

May 20, 2010 – Vol. 187. No. 14


Is can’t work up much enthusiasm for this issue of the Adventist Review. I guess I was expecting a more issue-oriented publication, given the anticipation generated by the fast approaching General Conference session in Atlanta.

For instance, I believe readers of the Adventist Review magazine would be interested in the Pacific Union Conference’s official Commitment to Women’s Ordination, voted August 30, 1995 and reaffirmed May 12, 2010. (See: Recorder, June 2010); and the “evolving” evolution/creation story at La Sierra University. (See: Spectrum Blog, Citing Apostasy, Michigan Conference Removes La Sierra University From Employee Subsidy)

As usual, the World News & Perspectives section keeps readers informed about what’s happening in Adventist circles worldwide. Monte Sahlin does his usual thoughtful review of books designed to promote the spiritual life of the Church, and there is a lovely reflection about grace on the inside back cover.


The Review and Herald Publishing Association is undergoing a “management shift” designed to improve its financial situation.

Jan Paulsen, speaking in Haiti, encourages a continued humanitarian response to the earthquake that killed 230,000 and left millions without homes.

Nick Miller received the 2010 John Highbarger Memorial Dissertation Award from Notre Dame University for his doctoral dissertation about the “traditional understandings of the separation of church and state”.

Griggs International University is contemplating a move to Andrews University for financial reasons and improved technical support.


There are 9 THINGS THAT BUG ME. Roy Adams gets personal about his pet peeves.

In her editorial, THEIR LOVE, Sandra Blackmer reminds us that first and foremost, Christians are all about love.

GIVE ME THE BIBLE is Fredrick A. Russell’s statement of traditional belief and a protest against “religious pluralism”.

In the cover feature, Kimberly Luste Maran tells the story of JUST A REGULAR GUY who works for NBC as a motion graphics designer.

HUMAN BEING, OR HUMAN DOING is Emily Simmons’ essay on ways to avoid distractions and focus on God, even when hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Sometimes you neeed to START A REVOLUTION to STOP HATING YOURSELF, according to Healther Bohlender, a college student who wants to change the world.

A LETTER TO THE CHRISTIANS IN ATLANTA is an admonition from Marcos Paseggi, a professional translator, to the delegates at the General Conference: prepare yourselves to “wait for His call. Because you know He will call, and I want you to be ready”.

Ellen G. White reminded church members, “When men place themselves in a position where they can work out God’s purposes, he stands at their right hand, to open ways of advance for them.” Apparently the message is: Trust us!

THROUGH THE FIRE by Connie Stanton is a story of prayer, a remote cabin spared by fire, and how to survive a personnel time of trouble.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE by Monte Sahlin is always “good value”. In this issue he recommends three books, Footprints—for small group ministries, Strengthening Marriages in Your Church—a DVD seminar, and Parenting Boot Camp—basic training for parenting responsible kids. Footpriints and Strengthening Marriages are available from AdventSource.

GRACE by Heather Vanden Hoven is a moving account of what it means to love your neighbor.

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