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Reviewing the. . .Recorder

Reviewing the Pacific Union Recorder
Special Issue: Adventist Health
October 2008
This edition of the Recorder “” features the Adventist Health System. It is an impressive organization to say the least! A MUST READ. The rest of the issue is also informative and worth reading.
Conference Team Builds First of 25 Churches reported by Julie Lorenz. Student’ Donations Help Feed South African Children reported by Joeclyn Fay. Pathfinder Pioneer Henry Bergh Honored reported by Caron Oswald. And ASI Convention Inspires Lay People, Raises Record Offering reported by Steve Hamstra.
It seems that our Religious Liberty Department advocates for the separation of church and state only when the Adventist ox is in danger of being gored. Without the consent of church members, church officials have informed the press that Adventists are in favor of amendments to the constitutions of the states of California and Arizona “to restrict marriage to a man and woman”. Who gave our leaders that right?
According to Alan J. Reinach, Esq, our Union Religious Liberty guy, “The broad implication of this [State Supreme Court ruling which California’s Proposition 8 seeks to overturn] is that businesses and professionals cannot allow their religious conscience to govern their choice of clients and services.”
Couldn’t it be argued that the court ruling is a good thing? I was taught in church school and in church that in the “end times”, Catholics were going to do their best to deny Adventists the right to buy food and worship on the Sabbath, and we were going to have to flee to the hills! Couldn’t it be argued that a vote to amend these state constitutions is an attempt to deny the fundamental rights of any minority group, SDA’s for instance, that offends the “religious consciences” of the majority? Couldn’t it be argued that a vote to amend these state constitutions is an attempt to crack the wall separating church and state?

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