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The Record Keeper Online


Updated August 11, 2014: The Record Keeper web series, which was sponsored by the General Conference who then decided not to release it, has been leaked and is available to watch on YouTube. The Adventist site has published a link to The Record Keeper series. The person who posted the files online is not known to the makers of The Record Keeper.

This is at least the third instance of people in different parts of the world leaking the series online. In each case so far, the leaked files have been taken down, and this will likely happen again, but until then you can watch it here.

“I have mixed emotions about it getting leaked,” said Record Keeper director Jason Satterlund. “Of course, as the director of the series I want people to see it, but I also don’t want to get in God’s way. Abraham wanted children and so he decided to have them with Hagar before God did his work with Sarah. Look how well that turned out.”

Satterlund says that obviously he could have posted the series online a long time ago, but because The Record Keeper is the property of the General Conference, that would be piracy.

Satterlund says he has always worked to make sure viewing the whole series online was not possible. Other than holding a cast and crew screening in Portland recently, Satterlund has never shown the series and has had nothing to do with these leaks.

To read a (fairly spoiler free) review of the series, click here.

To read about the controversy surrounding the series, click here

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