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Recent Adventism in the News

The Rev. Al Sharpton spoke out on behalf of a slain NYC Adventist girl.
GC President Jan Paulsen arrived in Africa, home to 40% of the 25-million worldwide Adventist community.* (Yes, those are official stats from ANN.)
When quizzed about the growth of the Adventist
church in Cameroon, [Paulsen] replied, “I am never satisfied, but want the
church to be known as contributing to the betterment of the community.
I am not so much interested in numbers but in the quality of life that
Adventists bring to the community.”

It is interesting to read the different news emphases between ANN and the Cameroon Tribune.
Representatives of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church and the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) met in dialogue last week and plan to meet next year at Andrews University.
It really pays to keep the Sabbath, and have Mitch Tyner as your lawyer. We’ll miss ya at the GC.
As if the Lake Region Conference didn’t have enough problems, now two camp counselors have been charged with criminal sexual misconduct this week.
And finally, here are two more articles on the student beating in Uganda. Apparently it’s not just a one time thing. Or as Ms Grace Kyomukama, a parent, told the Daily Monitor:
. . .she was forced to change her son from Katikamu to
another school because of its habitual corporal punishments. Kyomukama said her son would show her scars from several beatings at school, every time he went home for holidays.

President Paulsen heads to Uganda this week. Given his statement about education:
“Education instills integrity, honesty, nobility and
can be one of the ways to fight corruption which is prevalent in many
countries. Education produces good moral, law-abiding citizens.”

I hope that – while in Uganda – our GC President lets teachers, administrators, parents, students and the Ugandan public know that Adventism is incompatible with violent environments.
*The original sentence misused the term “member.” See Monte Sahlin’s comment.

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