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Reaching North America?

Last year the North American Division set out some witnessing goals to drive its five-year strategic plan, REACH North America. One of the efforts, from the top of the NAD’s administrative structure, is their YouTube channel, which has nine subscribers and five videos. Each one is a short talk by NAD leaders.

Although it is notoriously impossible to get accurate evangelism numbers, it is easy to see how many people are watching the North American Division leadership’s witnessing efforts via YouTube.

This is not an attempt to be critical or focus on the negative. As a lay member I merely have questions. Is there no one in the NAD building that says in meetings—no, actually people don’t want to hear sermon illustrations recycled on YouTube?

If I were a pastor, I’d have a hard time taking numerical baptismal goals from leaders who can’t get a hundred people to watch something on YouTube—even Adventists. And as a church member whose money pays for some of this and who has made videos just for fun on YouTube that have been watched by thousands, I wonder, who advises church leaders for their new media strategy?

They are not reaching Adventists, much less the world.

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