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Random thoughts: share whatever’s on your fine mind

By Alexander Carpenter
We’ve got some exciting things planned for the future of the Spectrum Blog and I thank everyone who reads and comments here. We’re almost at 2000 comments and it looks like Elaine may be driving some of that. Did you know that she’s somewhere around ninety? There’s something to that Sevy lifestyle. . . Update: oops, as one can see I was wrong there, but I guess I was adding extra years of wisdom. . . You’re a treasure Elaine!
Anyway, today’s post is a place for your random thoughts — props to Rochelle. What’s on your mind this week besides hermeneutics, creation, and Adventism?
Feel free to drop a random comment below. I’m getting ready for my Masterpieces of Religious Art class tomorrow afternoon where we’ll be studying Stephen de Staebler’s Winged Figure.  I also had some good baked eggplant for dinner and a great Ben and Jerry’s Half-baked ice cream bar. . .mmm.

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