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PUC President Osborn Resigns

On Friday, Pacific Union College President Richard Osborn released this statement:

Considering the challenges facing American higher education, last November I asked Dr. Don Pursley to conduct an independent analysis of Pacific Union College. During the three days he spent on campus he interviewed over thirty five individuals resulting in the appointment of a Study Committee. Their report contained many recommendations with serious ramifications for PUC and great possibilities for the future.

Over the last two days the PUC Board has considered the report. At this time in our history, I agree with the Board that PUC needs a person with fresh perspective to serve as President to bring major structural, financial, personnel, and curricular change and help PUC thrive. I have tendered my resignation to become effective on June 30, 2009, which was accepted by the Board.

Norma and I will be praying about possible alternatives for our future in the upcoming weeks.

The Board has appointed a Presidential Search Committee consisting of Ricardo Graham, Chair; Kelly Bock, Bryan Breckenridge, JoAline Olson, Delmar Tonge, and one staff member to be selected by staff and one faculty member to be selected by faculty.

Eight years ago we enjoyed the honor of coming to this campus and community. We have reminded ourselves that we will never live in such a beautiful place the rest of our lives and will leave with positive memories and thoughts about our wonderful college.

Richard Osborn later added:

. . .some confusion exists about the relationship between the recommendations of the Study Committee and the Board’s action. The Board’s action did not result from a specific recommendation in the Study Report but the serious recommendations in the Report gave impetus to leadership concerns.

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