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Prop. 8 – A New Site Appears and How

Someone just passed this along after finding it online.

As one can see from the endorsers and theology, it’s clear that this new site Adventists For Prop. 8 is supported by some of the media folks surrounding 3ABN and Amazing Facts as well as Weimar and some at the Central Sacramento Church. Why are all these evangelists signing on? And Alan Reinach was on early as an endorser, but now he’s not.

Apparently, in private emails they call themselves “conservative SDAs.” The text is reprinted below showing some of their inner organizing reasoning, although one will want to visit the actual site to see the helpful highlighting.

Need $3000 – conservative SDAs call to action!

I’m sure the title got your attention but we have an urgent issue that we are looking for 1 or 2 individuals to help launch this project in 24 hours. Please see the info below:

1. An SDA Conservative Pastor friend called me on Sunday with an urgent request. He needs a web site built ASAP. Proposition 8 which is for defining marriage as between a man and wife due to the recent CA supreme court decision allowing homosexual marriage is on the state ballot. The Pastor told me about a web site which is run by liberal Adventists and gay Adventist groups that is a petition drive to get the Adventist church to withdraw support of Prop 8 (you can see the site here and who is supporting it: but do NOT sign it). The Pastor also told me that their initiative is gaining ground and that the conference presidents that he’s spoken to have said they have not heard from conservatives in the church and only the liberals!

2. The call to action. The Pastor has requested that a quick web site with a petition drive functionality, FAQ section, etc. supporting Prop 8 be created this week. He has asked me to take up this project and get it done ASAP. He has provided the content (email letter, SOP quotes, Bible verses, FAQ content and even email addresses for us to send the info on to) but we need funding to get the petition drive software component that handles the petition, the signature collection which sends it to California local, state and Federal officials and to our own church leaders (we add them into the system).

3. This is what is needed. For the petition drive software we are needing $3000. The web site around it is being built for free by myself and a friend. We will be using Capwiz single state product ( for this part of the project. For the signup fee and API (integration between their system and our database) it is a $3000. We need an angel investor or two to get this product for us within 24 hrs so we can launch this by this coming weekend. The product will then be used for future issues that require action and is not a one time only product. The remaining $2500 we would owe Capwiz will come out of our own pockets 6 months down the road but we need again $3000 to go with this product. Please see the attached documents for the CapWiz information and pricing they provided us today.

4. Why should we care about gay marriage issues? It’s the end of the world so why worry about?!? That’s a question a few have told me but the Pastor told me about a quote from Ellen White about temperance (alcohol) back in her day and how she said moral issues in society require us to action and not to site back. We are not to be involved with political parties or propping up politicians BUT moral issues require action!! Here is one of her quotes:

“�How can Christian men and women tolerate this evil? . . . There is a cause for the moral paralysis upon society. Our laws sustain an evil which is sapping their very foundations. Many deplore the wrongs which they know exist, but consider themselves free from all responsibility in the matter. This cannot be. Every individual exerts an influence in society. In our favored land, every voter has some voice in determining what laws shall control the nation. Should not that influence and that vote be cast on the side of temperance and virtue? . . .� – Gospel Workers page 387

5. This is NOT a religious liberty issue – that is a smoke screen. That is what the liberal anti-prop 8 web site is having you believe. The FIRST FOUR laws of the 10 commandments which deal with our relationship to God is where Adventists believe that governments can not legislate. This is freedom of religion for how we worship God! But the last 6 commandments which deal with our relationship to each other (from stealing, to murder and lying, etc.) are issues society can create laws for!

If you can help us partially or fully in getting the CapWiz product please email me soon so we can get you the information from CapWiz and tomorrow with your help we can buy this product from them so we can integrate it into the new web site. The domain for our web site will be: and (we also own .org domains too). We again need to go live by this weekend.

This money will go directly to the vendor, Capital Advantage, for their CapWiz product and to no one else. Please prayerfully consider this urgent item. Let’s for once have church leaders and politicians hear from conservative Adventists on an important issue in society!!

God bless,

Andrew Jones

PS This is not a general appeal letter so please be careful who you send this too if anyone. We do not want this letter circulating before we go live. This same system can be upgraded for nation wide use and to use in the future for Sunday law issues. It’s an annual fee that we can reactivate after 1 yr if we don’t need it beyond their one year term. The web site code will be already completed and this system and the web site content can be changed to reflect any other issue (ie the Sunday law) and utilized again.

1) They get a fact wrong. There are no gay Adventists behind the Adventists Against Prop. 8 site.

2) Adventist Against Prop. 8 is a mix of conservatives, moderates and progressive church members, including religious liberty experts and pastors. We didn’t define any ideological platform – but this new site has defined themselves.

3) Following the 10 Commandments legal reasoning there, I wonder if Adventists should then legislate against covetousness and wandering eyes i.e., the 10th Commandment. And I’m not clear how prohibiting marriage between couples helps them not commit adultery?

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