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Producer of “The Adventists” Documentary Discusses Story and Faith

During the 2010 Adventist Forum|Spectrum conference Martin Doblmeier, producer of PBS-screened films such as Bonhoeffer, ALBERT SCHWEITZER: Called to Africa, and The Power of Forgiveness spoke about cinema and faith.

“In his remarks, he spoke about his travels during the production of the film, meeting Adventists all over the country. Opening on the conference theme of film and faith, Doblmeier reflected on how the camera captures faith. Self-identifying as a storyteller that uses film as a medium, rather than a filmmaker, he spoke about how to capture truthfully the stories of a faith. Showing clips (not included in the video below) from his films Bonhoeffer and The Power of Forgiveness, Doblemeier explored how film can be a powerful tool in spreading stories of faith.”

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