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Present Truth in Visual Media – The SPECTRUM Conference

The fundamental cultural role of the church is to make disciples: people who have Christ alive in them and carry his presence into every cultural setting. These disciples become cultural creatives, whether they are plumbers or poets: people who have a sacred calling to create something that, even in a small, local way, transforms the current fallen world into the future Kingdom of God.

Adventist Forum/SPECTRUM has planned an engaging conference on the weekend of October 8-10 entitled PRESENT TRUTH IN VISUAL MEDIA focusing on cultural creatives in the visual arts.


Martin Doblmeier, director of THE ADVENTISTS, will headline the conference on Friday evening with an interactive session subtitled How Film Illuminates Faith, in which he will discuss some of the transformational themes in his popular, award winning documentaries.

On Sabbath, members of the emerging generation of Adventist filmmakers will demonstrate their calling through film screenings and conversations.

Then, on Saturday night in a segment subtitled How Art Illustrates Faith, Beatrice Mejia-Krumbein will share her artistic vision with us.

The weekend will culminate with panel discussions between filmmakers and cultural creatives from the Adventist Media Center, the North American Division, and the SONscreen film festival on topics ranging from sexuality to fundamentalism and Adventist subcultures to our global movement. Throughout the weekend, there will be many opportunities to engage in conversation, sing together, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and even purchase a piece of art at the silent auction.


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