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Portland Adventist Hospital Passes Parking Lot Death Investigation

Adventist Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, has sent over a press release on an investigation into a death that became a national news story in February.

After questions were raised about the response to the incident on February 10, I asked for an investigation by the appropriate federal agencies. I am pleased that CMS has completed its investigation and found that Adventist was in full compliance with federal laws and regulations.  I am also pleased that the senior executive team at Adventist took this event seriously and has worked with hospital staff to reinforce their policies and procedures,” said U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer, who initially called for the federal investigation.

“The CMS findings reflect the facts that we have known all along: that our care givers responded immediately to try and save this victim upon report of the accident, despite the unfortunate outcome,” said Thomas Russell, president and chief executive officer of AMC. “We will continue to meet the medical needs of our community in every way possible as we work together with the Portland Police Bureau, Portland Fire Department and Emergency Medical Technicians.”

Representatives from the Oregon Department of Health conducted a four-day survey at the request of CMS, reviewing AMC’s policies and procedures, interviewing staff and reviewing Emergency Department medical records and charts.  The EMTALA compliance reinforces AMC’s commitment to providing compassionate, quality care for all its patients.

In addition, Portland media has picked up this story, with headlines like Adventist hospital cleared in parking lot death.

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