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Petition on Women’s Ordination Begins to Circulate

I have received this petition via email, Facebook and Twitter. Not sponsored by any interest group, although perhaps started by a young female Adventist pastor, it calls for more explanation from current Adventist leadership regarding their recent actions to veto movement on women’s ordination this year.

It states:

Not only are the hundreds of women in ministry undermined by their employer/religious “family”; but millions of Adventist young women are also affected because of the message this sends to them about their “worth” in the church. There are young ladies all over the world who are questioning if the church truly values them and their giftedness…or at least if it is valued as much as the giftedness of men. Additionally, hundreds of women of every age have been–and continue to be–discouraged from joining the ministry of the Gospel because they feel they are not supported, they are not welcome, and they are not respected.


The purpose of this letter is to call you to action in light of the Word. James 4:17 prevents the Spirit-led Christian from remaining inactive when it is known what is right. Perhaps, you are correct that placing it for a World vote would not be beneficial. But that doesn’t preclude the leadership from doing something. The church membership can sympathize with your statement, “I’m trying to move something on, and I don’t know where it’s going to go or how quickly”. However, we would like to encourage you towards a resolution that comes sooner than later. With that, you are being asked to enact the following steps towards eradicating this discrimination:

Click here to read those three steps.

*Thanks rljacobson.

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