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The Perfect Day – A Cinema Divina Production

Last weekend a group of filmmakers, actors, random church members and their friends met for 48-hour to write, shoot and produce a short film, including original music.

The film, a comedy, follows one month in the life of Dennis, our hapless hero, as he attempts to live just one day perfectly.

The Perfect Day from Cinema Divina on Vimeo.

This 48-hour Film-A-Thon and “The Perfect Day” (Produced by Julia Alty and Directed by Mickey Seiler) was the first production of Cinema Divina, an emerging film production company currently under the auspices of the Hollywood Adventist Church. This event was designed to raise funds for another short film which is already written slated to be produced this summer.

Here’s a bit of background on this particular project.

It all began at 8:00 pm on Saturday, March 28. We were given four simple pieces of information – Genre: Comedy; Text: Romans 3:23; main actors and locations. A team of about 8 of us began writing. By 11:30 pm we had a script. At 2:00 AM the actors arrived and we began dressing the various sets and shooting.

By 9:00 am on Sunday we had all the shots we needed on the church property. We ate breakfast and moved to a nearby home of one of our members to get the other half of the shots. By 5 pm we were finished with principle photography. At that point, everyone got some sleep.

Meanwhile, 4 or 5 musicians were composing original music for the film. They worked through the night and by Sunday evening basically had the music composed. By 11 pm it was engineered and ready to be edited into the film.

At 4 pm on Monday, with just 4 hours remaining in our 48, we shot one additional scene. By 8 pm, the whole film was edited.

The film, entitled, “The Perfect Day” will be online at on Friday.

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