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Paulsen Speaks to AIA on Women’s Ordination

The C2, Pacific Union College’s student newspaper, has a transcript of Seventh-day Adventist Church President Jan Paulsen’s comments on women’s ordination that he gave on April 9th to the annual Adventist Intercollegiate Association meeting, taking place this year at Canadian University College. The Adventist Intercollegiate Association is a cross-campus organization of student leaders from all North American Adventist colleges and universities.

Regarding his personal beliefs toward women’s ordination Paulsen said:

All of my colleagues in leadership know that I have stated that I know of no biblical reason that women should not be selected […] I think the reasons that nothing has happened are cultural based. A greater value to me than a question on what is going to happen […] is to hold this church together, globally. The unity of the global church is a doctrine; many issues are not doctrines that we deal with, but this one is. So, I will give it my best shot to keep the church together. We are not going to do this globally […] it will be in regions. But globally, the church has to accept that it will be in regions without tearing itself apart.

Read the entire story here.

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