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Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee Affirms Women in Ministry

On May 12, the Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee voted to reaffirm the Union’s position on women in ministry. The Committee reviewed the 1995 statement made by the same body, and re-voted it. Only three of the current members were on the committee in 1995.

The statement supports the ordination of women and their full and equal participation in all phases of ministry.


Pacific Union Conference Commitment to Women’s Ordination

August 30, 1995

The Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee, while being loyal to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, is committed to the ordination of women to the gospel ministry and to working toward the day when that will happen. The Union Committee supports the following procedural and action recommendations:

1. To the Pacific Union conferences: take steps to enhance the role of women in ministry such as:

A. Developing a plan and commitment to call women into ministry; and

B. Inviting women to assume positions of leadership in union and local conference offices.

2. To the North American Division: work with the General Conference to change current policies within church structures where women pastors are treated differently from men such as:

A. Ordaining of local elders and deacons.

B. Performing pastoral functions outside their own district.

C. Organizing or disbanding churches.

D. Being a conference, union, division, or General Conference president.

3. To the General Conference through the North American Division: initiate a process that leads to:

A. Clarification of the Adventist theology of ordination culminating in the ordination of women; and

B. Action steps that lead to a clear understanding and member education regarding valid Adventist hermeneutical principles.

4. To those conducting ordination/commissioning services: in the interim while the church works to solve the overall problem, enhance the Commissioning Service, so as to bring it into equality with the Ordination Service in the sense of setting aside both men and women with the laying on of hands for a life of ministry.

In the interest of giving this process the best possibility of succeeding, it is urged that all entities resist unilateral action while working together for justice, in unity and in harmony with biblical principles and SDA fundamental beliefs.

(Reaffirmed May 12, 2010)

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