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Our 3000th comment

By Alexander Carpenter
We just got our 3000th comment on the Spectrum Blog. Thanks Glenn! He wrote:
I agree with Dr. Tom about the role of the sermon in our churches. It
seems to either be given very short shrift or preceded by so many
preliminary announcements, offerings, songs, stories, etc that by the
time the sermon time rolls around, I’m looking at the clock.

And thanks to everyone who has been participating by reading and/or commenting. I can tell we have lots of lurkers. Come on in, the water’s great. The blog launched on June 8 so we are coming up on our first anniversary! We have big plans for improving the blog. In the comment section below, please feel free to drop a not-so-subtle hint about what changes you’d like to see for the Spectrum Blog. Format, color, content, Alexander to go, let us know. . .____________
In addition, as a reward to our community, Spectrum is offering a free one year subscriptions to three persons who come up with the best answer to the following question.
If an Adventist were running for the US presidency what would you expect his or her top three principle-informed policy priorities to be?
The non-partisan judging criteria is: how strongly the three policy points draw from Adventist belief, practice, and our larger church culture.
Email your ideas to: alexander[at]spectrummagazine[dot]org
Rules: Less than 100 words. You can transfer your win to someone else. One subscription is reserved for anyone under 30, if you are under 30, please state your age. Tom and Elaine, no pseudonyms. The submissions are due by Tuesday, May 15.

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