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The Ordination Study Committee At Work

In an anonymous “news” report, the Adventist Review quotes an anonymous participant that the prayer of the chair of the Theology of Ordination Study Committee calmed everyone down. 

Differences of opinion were animatedly expressed on the second afternoon of the session, one member told the Adventist Review, “but then Pastor Stele stopped and said, ‘Let’s pray,’ and the whole atmosphere changed. There was a warm Christian spirit, and we felt free to openly share our views.”


A letter to the General Conference Executive Committee from the TOSC chair, vice chair, and secretary summing up the session read, in part: “Members of the committee could not help but express their gratitude to God for the sweet spirit that prevailed in these meetings. Please continue to pray for the Committee as it works under the leadership of the Holy Spirit in this study.”

Other than that, some unnamed papers were presented, some untitled devotionals were given, some unreported revisions were proposed. According to this report, that’s mostly what was accomplished by this 106-member committee in three days.

Photo: ANN/Michael Porter.

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