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Operation: Review the ‘Adventist Review’

Our friends over at the Adventist Review are conducting a survey about their publications. I filled it out since I am a reader, and I thought the Spectrum community should be aware of this opportunity to make a difference in the message of the Seventh-day Adventist church. They write that “we would be happy to receive your feedback to help us determine future strategies to better meet the needs of our members.” They are only offering this online and you don’t have to be a subscriber. What better group than you who read Spectrum online to help them think strategically about their contribution to Seventh-day Adventist belles-lettres?

They say that the survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous. Take a look as they seem to be considering some significant changes as some of the question are:

  • If the Church were to stop publishing Adventist World, would you miss it?
  • How would you define the difference between Adventist Review and Adventist World?
  • What is a fair price for 36 issues of Adventist Review?
  • If Adventist Review became a free once a month advertising-supported edition of 64+ pages with 10-12 pages of advertising, would you want it?

So let the General Conference know what you think and be sure to share what your personal review of the Review in the comments below.

Click here to complete the Adventist Review Survey.

Be warned however. I mentioned this to my friends on Facebook and Twitter and they reported several distracting typos and some logic/sequencing issues in this survey.

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