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Open Letter to Ted Wilson From Your Hebrew Teacher


An Open Letter To:
Pres. Ted N. C. Wilson
General Conference of SDA
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20904-1600

Dear Pastor Ted:

Please read thoughtfully in the book of Acts, chapters 2, 10-11, and 15. In our day the Holy Spirit is leading our Church to take advanced steps as He did at the Council of Acts 15.

In Western societies we can no longer tolerate the Church’s gender discrimination. Such prejudices as that and racism should be overcome at conversion if the converts could be taught by people who have overcome them, themselves. The Holy Spirit is now saying to the Adventist Church in North America, Europe and Australia to stop dilly-dallying and proceed to ordain the called, trained, effective women pastors and stop this unchristian discrimination. Otherwise we will lose the whole next generation and the Latter Rain cannot come.

The subject has been well studied for years.—The Welcome Table (1995) and the Seminary’s Women in Ministry (1998) contained well-researched, top-quality chapters years ago. The Western Churches that are ready to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading will show the way to the other countries’ Churches; they will not split the Church—but if you try to stop what the Holy Spirit is leading to be accomplished, you will split the Church!

Peter and Paul had to break down the wall between Jews and Gentiles in their day (Gal 3:28). In our day we must break down the walls of racism and gender discrimination. As I told you months ago, I pray every day that God will help you be a shepherd and not a dictator. I hope that prayer will be answered.

With warm regards,

your Hebrew teacher,
nearly 96,
Leona G. Running
Professor emerita of
Biblical Languages, Ph.D. DHL
Seminary, Andrews University

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