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The One Project

This week hundreds of Seventh-day Adventists are meeting in Seattle, Washington, for The One Project.

Its organizers state, “we crave a “High Christology” – where Jesus is fully honored as Creator, Savior, and Lord. We believe Jesus is the hope of the First Testament and inspiration for the Second. Theology – the study of God – is at its best in dedicated exploration Jesus, who is “the image of God.” We are convicted that he alone is The Desire of the Ages. All of them: the prelapsarian age and life after the fall; the antediluvian age and life after the flood; prehistoric times, the stone age, the classical age, the age of antiquity, the middle ages, the age of reason, the modern age and in this, our 21st Century Age.

According to its history:

In July 2010, five simple Jesus followers (Alex Bryan, Japhet De Oliveira, Sam Leonor, Tim Gillespie and Terry Swenson) got together in room 602 at the Holiday Inn in Denver. We came together for fellowship and prayer. We had planned this gathering for over a year and eventually found the time when all our calendars lined up. After two days of prayer, fasting, communion and reflection we looked across the room at each other and acknowledged again that Jesus was number one. It sounds incredibly simple, but it was our “ah-ha” moment. We spoke in truth and freedom that Jesus should be number one in everything we do. We remembered the energy that started the Seventh-day Adventist Church was a deep desire to see Jesus return. Our movement was led by youth and adults, and like the 12 disciples, burned with a passion to know Jesus and make Him known.

Here’s more video of One Project speakers from an earlier event.

Lisa Clark Diller — The Body of Christ — 04:27

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