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North American Division Announces Theology of Ordination Committee


The North American Division [NAD] reports that it has formed the following committee to create a report on the theology of ordaining [women] to be submitted back to the NAD for review before being passed along to the General Conference. All “13 division reports will then be synthesized by the General Conference’s Theology of Ordination Committee along with other material. After that, the Committee will present it to the 2014 Annual Council for a final vote.”

The NAD explains: “As we looked to staff this committee, we sought for balance and different perspectives that will represent all viewpoints of the Division,” said G. Alexander Bryant, NAD executive secretary. “It is our desire and hope that this group will sincerely and prayerfully give deep study from the Bible on the subject of ordination. We are looking for this committee to present its findings and conclusion to the NAD Year-end Executive Committee no later than November 2013.”.

Gordon Bietz, D.Min., Chairman

President of Southern Adventist University


Kyoshin Ahn, Ph.D.

Executive Secretary, Illinois Conference


Dedrick Blue, D.Min.

Pastor, Northeastern Conference


JoAnn Davidson, Ph.D.

Professor, Andrews University


Dwight Nelson, D.Min.

Pastor, Michigan Conference


Kendra Haloviak-Valentine, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, La Sierra University; Riverside, Calif.


Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson, Ph.D.

Professor, La Sierra University; Riverside, Calif.


Stephen Richardson, Ph.D.

Pastor, Allegheny East Conference


Edwin Reynolds, Ph.D.

Professor, Southern Adventist University


Russell Seay, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Oakwood University


Tara Vincross, M.Div.

Pastor, Pennsylvania Conference


Clinton Wahlen, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Biblical Research Institute


Ivan Williams, D.Min.

Director, Ministerial Department, North American Division

It appears that almost everyone on this committee has a doctorate.

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