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Next up in Bloggin’ the 28

July 31: In Medius Res: Julius NamAug 03: Stewardship: Jared Wright Aug 07: Marriage and the Family: Carrol Grady/Siroj
SorajjakoolAug 10: The Gift of Prophecy: Alexander Carpenter Aug 14: Christ’s Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary: Marty
Thurber/ David HamstraAug 17: God the Son: Trudy Morgan-ColeAug 21: Death and Resurrection: David Larson Aug 24: Spiritual Gifts and Ministries: Marcel SchwantesAug 28: Law of God: Nathan BlakeAug 31: Nature of Man: Sherman Cox IISep 04: Sabbath: Brian Swarts Sep 07: Second Coming of Christ: Nathan BrownSep 11: Growing in Christ: Trevan OsbornSep 14: Church: Ryan BellSep 16: Holy Spirit: Tompaul WheelerSep 18: Experience of Salvation: Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson Sep 21: Christian Behavior: Chris BlakeSep 25: Baptism: Ryan BellSep 28: New Earth: Monte Sahlin

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