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News Reports: Adventists calls actions to ordain women ‘mistakes’


The Washington Post On Faith blog posted the following from the Religion News Service: “Adventists calls actions to ordain women ‘mistakes’.” The article notes the Annual Council votes and quotes from spokesperson from the Unions in question. 

Leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Tuesday (Oct. 16) said recent decisions by two regional bodies to allow ordained female pastors were “serious mistakes,” and women who are ordained won’t be recognized — at least for now. . . .  


Gerry Chudleigh, spokesman for the Pacific Union Conference, said leaders and members in his region were “grateful that the world church leaders took no punitive action against the unions that recently voted to ordain both men and women.” Since its August decision, that regional group has approved 14 women pastors for ordination and most of them have already been ordained.


Columbia Union Conference spokeswoman Celeste Ryan Blyden said members of her region were encouraged that “this topic is back on the agenda of the worldwide church.” Since its July decision, one woman pastor has been ordained and 14 others have been approved for ordination. 

This story was also published by the Huffington Post. The wording of the vote is not the best PR for the Silver Spring, Maryland-based leaders, especially in light of their plans to hold a massive evangelism campaign in major cosmopolitan centers. 


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