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News about Adventism

President Obama’s judicial nominee, James E. Graves, Jr., an Adventist, becomes the first African-American from Mississippi to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

The Adventist academy in Egypt reopens. The image [left] comes from this Adventist News Network story and depicts “Karin Edwards celebrating with Egyptians outside the Adventist Church in Heliopolis, Cairo after the resignation of former national President Hosni Mubarak. Edwards is the wife of the Adventist Church’s president in Egypt.”

ANN also reports on the Adventist response to the earthquake in Christchurch. “Craig Gillis, president of the church in South New Zealand said, “At this time it is difficult to get much information about what has happened due to communication channels being blocked and overloaded. Our office staff are all fine. Christchurch Adventist School students, teachers and staff are fine, as are the preschools.”

The Adventist Review tells the story of the “First Black Family.”

An Oregon man just brought a $5.25 million lawsuit against the Seventh-day Adventist Church for alleged sexual abuse he suffered while a Pathfinder in the 1970s.

The Solomon Islands’ leading newspaper reports that Adventist ministers and volunteers are conducting “workers meetings” for five days to “work on a five year action plan for the church called the ‘World Church Revival reformation program 2011-2015.'”

According to the North American Division Facebook page, “on Wednesday, February 23, a representative from Kellogg’s presented Adventist Community Services with a check for $37,018. The donation represented $0.01 for every Worthington and Loma Linda canned food item sold in the United States in 2010.”



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