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New Strategic Plan Adopted by North American Division

The North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists recently published a five-year strategic plan. It is reproduced below.

“During 2010 NAD Year-End Meetings, the following outreach strategy was voted: REACH North America: A Suggested NAD Strategic Template & Logo for 2010-2015”

REACH UP: Revival and Transformation

All churches throughout the NAD experience a revival that results in life-changing transformations. All church members of the NAD enjoy a vibrant and joyful relationship with Christ. Targets: increase of 15% over the past 5 years in church members’ daily personal/ family devotions, church attendance, financial faithfulness, and meaningful Sabbath-keeping.

REACH ACROSS: Unity in Diversity

  1. New members love for Christ is a catalyst to reinvigorate their congregations. New members are oriented to and inspired by the life-affirming culture of Adventism and are integrated into the fabric of the church. Targets: each congregation with a spiritual mentor ministry increased to 20%; every new member assigned to a spiritual mentor increased to 50%.
  2. Each member is actively involved in church life and ministry. Discipleship training and compelling leadership opportunities are provided to children, youth, young adults, students in public education, seniors, and members with disabilities. Target: member involvement increased by 20% over the Quinquennium.
  3. Adventists disengaged from church life are recognized as valued members of our family. Congregations implement ways to actively reconnect with them.Target: congregations with a reconnect ministry coordinator increased to 50%. 1,000 persons from across the NAD are re-engaged directly as a result of this ministry.
  4. Congregations embrace and practice the concept of “unity in diversity” in such matters as age, gender, race, and socio-economic status; congregations are intentional in planning ways to educate members. Target: 30% of congregations with a diversity coordinator in place and functioning; positive visitor and congregational surveys with 4.0 (good) on a 5.0 scale on cultural/interpersonal competence

REACH OUT: Evangelism, Community, Discipleship

North American Division organizations of every type combine their efforts in communicating Adventism’s distinctive message of hope and wholeness to every person within the NAD territory with a focus on big cities.Targets: accurate public awareness of Adventism is increased to 25%; thirty-five percent of Adventist members are able to identify at least 20 non-Adventist friends; Sixty percent of Adventist churches are involved in community service activities at least four times a year; and a coordinated program of media and evangelism campaigns targeting cities is planned and executed on schedule.

REACH IN: Growing disciples, Adventist Education

  1. Because education is a core value of Adventism, the local church is an education center for members of all ages—combining with the school to serve and evangelize children and youth within Church and community. Targets: every church is a constituent of a local conference school.
  2. Through NAD resources, the Church makes distinctively Adventist education available to every Adventist child. Target: the proportion of children and youth through college are engaged in some form of Adventist education is increased to 50%.
  3. Moreover, the Church finds a way to help strengthen and build a system of Adventist higher education. Target: a higher education consortium with an effective program approval process is operational.

REACH FORWARD: A Focus on Leaderhip

  1. The NAD, unions, local conferences, and institutions collaborate to support mission and strategy through responsible stewardship and a culture of inclusive participation. Target: a cooperation score of at least “good” 4.0 on a 5.0 scale.
  2. Organizations and institutions have in place a well-designed and active program to cultivate and develop leaders. Target: the NAD and at least four unions have adopted functional formal leadership development programs.
  3. The NAD is to significantly increase member donations. Targets: the NAD realizes a four percent annual increase in tithe and 1.1 billion dollars of tithe; offerings (local, conference, world, institutions) are increased to one-half of the tithe.
  4. The NAD and at least four unions are implementing Assessment for Excellence programs that promote and document levels of financial integrity, operational efficiency, program quality and staff effectiveness. Target: the NAD and at least five of the nine unions will have functional organizational effectiveness programs in place.
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