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New Feature: ‘Spectrum’ Flashback


Spectrum has been continuously publishing since 1969. This weekend in Chicago, at the end of the Adventist Society for Religious Studies conference, we gathered some of the key Spectrum figures for Sabbath lunch. It was inspiring to commune with these great Seventh-day Adventist intellectuals, institution builders, and activists for the Kin-dom of God. The Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index at Andrews University has recently completed adding the entire back catalogue of Spectrum (except the two most recent years) to their search engine. That’s 2894 articles in PDF form for your perusing pleasure. Some of the topics seem dated like the brouhaha over divorce and wedding rings; some articles from decades ago seem more relevant than ever like homosexuality and ecology. 

To call attention to this rich resource, and to continually inform our current discussion, we’ll be highlighting particularly interesting articles from the Spectrum archives. During a presentation at ASRS, Bonnie Dwyer mentioned this one from 1975: “Equality from the Start: Woman in the Creation Story” It’s by the conservative Old Testament scholar Gerhard Hasel. He articulates male headship theology but also argues for women’s equality in ministry.

Gerhard Hasel in Spectrum(If you think of a Spectrum article that Adventists should read again, drop me a note in the comments.)

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