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NAD Considers Gender Equality for Conference Leadership This Weekend

At the North American Division’s Year-end Meeting (YEM) in 2009 it was voted to allow “ordained/commissioned” ministers to be conference presidents. The vote was rescinded at Elder Jan Paulsen’s request pending anticipated discussion at the General Conference Session in the summer of 2010. Both Elder Paulsen and then NAD President Don Schneider promised that if this discussion did not come to the floor at the GC Session the delegates at the NAD’s 2010 YEM could revisit the issue.

When the discussion at GC Session did not materialize, the NAD voted the policy again at the 2010 YEM by an overwhelming majority. In a separate action the NAD also voted to request a variance in the GC’s policy to allow for it. The negative vote at the recent Annual Council does not automatically negate the NAD’s 2010 vote. The policy stands and will be on the agenda for discussion at the 2011 YEM, to be held this Oct 28-Nov 1. 

—Carla Blackwood Baker is the director of Women’s Ministries for the North American Division.

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