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Mitch Henson passes away

A shepherd of tolerance, Glendale City SDA Church senior pastor Mitch Henson has passed away early Thursday afternoon, Dec. 27, from complications of his year-long battle with brain cancer.

Taylor Ruhl, president of Kinship International writes:

Mitch Henson was among the most courageous pioneers of inclusion for LGBT Adventists, granting many of us membership in his church and welcoming those of us who could attend there into full participation in the life of the church. He served as a member of the Kinship Advisory Board.

The new book, providing Seventh-day Adventist perspectives on homosexuality will be dedicated to him.

Established in 1906, Glendale City Church recently completed a centennial celebration — “100 years of grace” — for which they raised $2 million for their endowment fund.

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