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Loma Linda University in Haiti

The LLU in Haiti blog is reporting: “Just talked with [Dr.] Scott [Nelson].” See earlier report on Dr. Scott Nelson’s departure to Port-au-Prince here.

He made it to Hopital Adventiste d’Haiti in Port-au-Prince today and has started operating. The hospital is in as good or better condition than any other of the half a dozen hospitals he has visited in PaP thus far. Upon arrival he was greeted by Dr. Archer and immediately performed a life-saving amputation. Although the hospital is structurally sound, the Haitians are reluctant to enter and thus an operating suite has been established in the parking lot under a blue tarp.

Hopital Adventiste d’Haiti with outdoor operating room

Scott indicates that people are already starting to change their willingness to enter the building and is hopeful they can start operations inside soon.

Dr’s Archer & Nelson stop to pray in the outdoor O.R. prior to surgery

Scott indicates there are weeks worth of orthopedic surgical cases to be done and are literally lying in the streets.

He reiterated his statement that he believes he is one of the only surgical teams operating in PaP and will continue to do so until reinforcements arrive.

Dr. Nelson and Dr. Archer send their greetings to the entire SDA church, the LLU community at large and a special greeting to the LLUSM 2010 class. Aside from PRAYER, the major request at this time is for donations to go to the LLU Haiti relief fund.

Note: The Hopital Adventiste d’Haiti in Port-au-Prince, a 70-bed facility built in 1978, is functional after the earthquake and already serving as a clinical center for the country. Its services were strengthened by joining Adventist Health International in 2003, and being “adopted” three years ago by the Loma Linda University School of Medicine Class of 2010 as their mission project.

Here is the LLU mission project site.

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