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Loma Linda University Church Shares Video of Ashley Picco & Lennon Picco Memorial Service


A large audience of friends, church community members and well-wishers surrounded Adventist musician and recording artist Chris Picco Sabbath at the Loma Linda University Church for the memorial service of Picco’s wife Ashley and son Lennon. The service was broadcast on the church’s website, and the recording has been made available. Ashley Elizabeth (Wood) Picco died Saturday, November 8, 2014 in Loma Linda, CA. She was 30. Some three days later, the couple’s son Lennon, who was delivered by emergency cesarian section, also passed away. Video of Chris Picco singing “Blackbird” to baby Lennon as the tiny boy fought for his life in neonatal intensive care went viral on major news outlets across the United States and around the world.

Speaking to the audience at Ashley and Lennon’s memorial service with tears in his eyes, Chris Picco thanked the innumerable–both friends and strangers–who sent email, text and Facebook messages of love and support.

When I say thank you to all of you, that’s not enough. I could never articulate how much your support and your strength and your prayers and your emails and your Facebook messages and your text messages…I don’t know how any of you got my number…It has meant so much to me, and so when I say “Thank you,” there is so much more inside of me that I want to express.

Watch the Video from the Loma Linda University Church.

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