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LiveBlogging – Des Ford

It’s a hot day in Loma Linda, and the hot topic of the afternoon is Dr. Desmond Ford’s presentation on the Forensic Theory of Atonement in Light of the Christian Gospel.
We’re in the Loma Linda Campus Hill Church, which is just about the highest point in Loma Linda, and we anticipate that Dr. Ford’s presentation this afternoon will be the high point of this theologically packed weekend.
This presentation is as anticipated for the presence of Dr. Ford in an official Adventist gathering as for the content of the presentation itself.
There is a buzz in the sancuary, which is filling up quickly. An excited chattering.
Dr. Ford will speak, and then a distinguished group of Adventist scholars, Dr. Kendra Haloviak and Dr. Fritz Guy of La Sierra University, and Dr. Jon Paulien of Loma Linda will extend the conversation following the presentation.
Today’s gathering in Loma Linda marks one of the first times, if not THE first time, in quite some time, that Desmond Ford has been given a platform to speak from in an Adventist Church in North America in the time that has elapsed since Glacier View.
We look forward to Dr. Ford’s address to the saints gathered here today.
Meanwhile, over at the other side of Loma Linda University, Dr. Brad Cole, a physician at Loma Linda University Medical Center is speaking on Inspiration, asking to what degree Scriptural passages that command dashing the head of children against stones reflect God’s inspiration–no simple topic to deal with!

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