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LiveBlogging – Built Ford Tough

Dr. Ford sits on the platform in the Campus Hill Church in Loma Linda poised to address Adventism. It’s the moment we’ve been waiting a long time for. This moment is a significant one in the long story of the relationship between Desmond Ford and the Adventist Church.
A hush has fallen over the audience. Larry Christoffel, associate pastor of the Campus Hill Church, introduces this evening’s program with this question, “How can a man be in the right before God?”
Hyveth Williams, the senior pastor of this congregation, is ironically in Australia today, so Christoffel opens the conversation.
Dr. Ford joins us today after a long flight from Australia and despite a recent respiratory ailment. Gives new meaning to “Ford Tough”! It is certainly a privilege to welcome him here today!
After an introduction by the Adventist Today Society, Dr. Ford stands to speak and grabs hold of the lecturn with both hands, leaning forward to speak.
In his strong, Australian-accented voice, Dr. Desmond Ford begins…with a joke!
“It’s a joy to be with you today, in fact at my age, it’s a pleasure to be anywhere today.”

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