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Lifelong Friends Meet Challenge for the Spectrum Global Community Campaign


Lawrence Geraty, Adventist Forum Board Member, recently offered to help a small group of volunteers write thank you notes to people who have generously supported Spectrum in the past. Here’s his account of how one thing led to another as well as a reminder of the gift and magic of friendship. Names of the friends have been changed to protect their privacy.                                                                       

There was a James Lee on the list of Spectrum donors to whom I agreed to write personal notes. Although I didn’t know him very well, our families were friends from China days.  Shortly after he retired, we met again at the wedding of a mutual friend, and he invited me to sit with his family at the reception where we had a good talk.  

When I wrote to him on behalf of Spectrum, I mentioned how much I had appreciated that act of hospitality. He wrote back that he would send Spectrum $5,000 if I got Tim Wu and Edward Chan to match it!  The three of them were medical school classmates and have remained close friends.  Since both of the others are friends of mine, too, I felt free to do that.  

Tim and I grew up together in the late ’40s and early ’50s in Hong Kong where our dads were administrators at the Adventist college in Clear Water Bay. Tim and I were next door neighbors and inseparable friends.  Edward and his wife signed up for a trip to Jordan and Egypt which I led as a fundraiser for the International Relations Council of Riverside.  We became well acquainted during that tour.

In any case, I had my own relationship to all three men so gladly put the challenge to them.  As of this last week, all three retired physician friends have come through with $5,000 each for Spectrum’s Global Community Campaign.


This generosity from longtime friends moves us toward our $250,000 goal that will support 1) expanding our team of writers to cover global church news, 2) adding depth to our technical staff, and 3) developing mobile platforms for our community conversations.

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