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Less of an American Idol?

By Alexander Carpenter

Dan Mathews: Congrats on another Top 10 album. Now tell us: Why did you decide to become vegetarian?

Ruben Studdard:
Actually, I went to the Duke Diet and Fitness Center in North
Carolina for a month, and they basically taught me how to live a
healthier lifestyle. But I wasn’t a vegetarian then; I was just eating
lean protein—basically fish, really—and I did that for a month, and I
lost 40 pounds. And I actually came home, and there was a little
brochure in my hometown paper—I ain’t never told nobody this—but it was
a thing about cleaning up your temple. I think it was like a
Seventh-Day Adventist magazine
, and they were talking about “try
vegetarian.” I went online that day, and I just started reading little
things from different vegetarians, and it was so much easier than I
thought it would be, so I decided to try it, maybe two weeks after
leaving Duke, and it’s been great. I feel amazing.”
(hat tip to Ken and Ron Osborn for the heads up)
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