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La Sierra University Responds to the Adventist Review Article

Larry Becker, Executive Director, University Relations for La Sierra University, writes in the following statement, released April 1:

On March 31, 2010, the Adventist Review posted on its website an article—“Evolution Controversy Stirs La Sierra Campus.” This article represents an unprecedented alignment of the official church paper with voices seeking to tear down a church institution. While the article appeared to be objective, it in fact omitted pivotal information about the issue and the way La Sierra University and its board, administration, and faculty are addressing it.

Consider these areas in which the Adventist Review article could have provided fuller context for its readers:

The statement then lists eight areas. It concludes with this.

La Sierra University is a Seventh-day Adventist institution by its mission and heritage, by the commitment of its Board and faculty, and by its curriculum and policies. It is fully accredited by the Adventist Accrediting Association and listed in the Seventh-day Adventist Yearbook. It is unprecedented for a group of critics to be given this kind of voice in the official church publication. And we cannot think of another instance in which the discipline process of a student in an Adventist college or university has been reported on in this manner by the Adventist Review.

Read the whole La Sierra University statement here.

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