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The King’s Heralds

The Lone Star Four aka The King’s Heralds c. 20s and 30s.

The King’s Heralds – In that great getting-up morning

From: “Volume Five – 1962-1967”

Members: Bob Edwards, John Thurber, Jack Veazey, Jim McClintock Keyboards: Brad Braley.

Medley sung by: John Ramsey (1st tenor), Jerry Patton (2nd tenor), Jack Veazey (Baritone), and Jim McClintock (Bass), from 1971-1977. Both of these songs were recorded originally on the album “It’s Spiritual” in 1974.

Thanks to “BlkMuscGent” who identifies the picture.

Bob(?) Seaton (2nd Tenor), J. Mills (Bass), Bob Edwards (1st tenor), and Wayne Hooper (Baritone).

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