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Kenya: Adventist University Reopens

Some faculty, students and staff are returning to the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, after post-election violence in Kenya forced a January 6 evacuation of some 280 people from the campus. The school reopened Monday January 14 with classes starting two days later.

The school’s vice-chancellor, Nathaniel Walemba, said he is expecting some sixteen hundred students out of the full twenty-three-hundred-student body to return this quarter. Some of the lecturers have not yet returned from the church’s regional headquarters in Nairobi after being evacuated.

Walemba said Wednesday that only five hundred of the twelve hundred students who registered online have returned to campus.

“The opposition has declared that today, tomorrow, and Friday are dates of public demonstrations, so many parents are still apprehensive and haven’t sent their children back. They are waiting until Sunday to send them.”

Walemba says the campus is now peaceful. “The government has sent some security reinforcement, including police; they are not always visible but they are there,” he said.

Registration has been extended to the end of the week.

Source: Adventist News Network

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