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Jan Paulsen: true hope for the holidays

General Conference President Jan Paulsen’s holiday message focused on some global issues. In addition to the usual notes about the historical reason for the season, Paulsen also emphasizes that the hope of Christ comes through Christian believers.

Adventist News Network reports:

Paulsen, during his message “The Power & Healing of Hope,” prayed that everyone would “experience the peace, love, and hope of our Lord, Jesus Christ.” He also specifically prayed for hope in some of the world’s most conflict-prone areas, such as “the people of the Darfur region in Sudan; those caught in the turmoil and violence of Iraq and Afghanistan; the many millions of people in many parts of the world who live each day in fear and poverty, and who struggle for the basics of survival.”

Paulsen also spoke of the hope the Christmas season brings — a time when many Christians celebrate Christ’s birth and life.

He said sharing this hope was part of the Christian’s responsibility. The hope that Jesus gives each Christian is “a hope that always looks outward; and always looks through eyes of compassion,” Paulsen said. “We are His agents of hope — it’s reflected in the choices we make and in the ways that we demonstrate the presence of God in our everyday lives.”

Paulsen concluded his message by noting “Some things are well left behind as we with hope go into a new year.” He recommended that everyone “extend and seek forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing.”

Listen to the podcast or watch video of the sermon here.

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