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Jamaica Press Praises Local Adventist University Leader

The Jamaica Obverser editorial board writes:

Dr Herbert J Thompson’s tenure as president of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) is a perfect example of the difference which outstanding leadership makes, and a potent illustration of the point we are trying to make.

We have since witnessed the dramatic transformation of the institution to university status granted by the Government of Jamaica in 1999. [It has an enrollment of 5,300 students and a faculty and staff of 453.]

It is a Seventh-day Adventist-owned institution and takes seriously the spiritual development of young people as part of becoming well-rounded citizens. The university is open to persons of all religious faiths and has students from 35 countries.

The Jamaica Observer lists several recent accomplishments, including:

  • the recently opened multimillion-dollar building for the training of nurses.
  • a software grant valued at US$118,286,184.00 or approximately J$10.7 billion by Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. The grant, the largest ever made to a university in Jamaica, will serve to strengthen the teaching and research of the engineering faculty.
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