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Introducing: “This I Vote” Series

Over the last couple of years, the Spectrum Blog has emerged as the place to talk religion and politics in Adventism.

As a California resident and someone who cares about religious liberty and gender justice, along with the almost two thousand Adventists who’ve signed either petition, I’ve been particularly interested in my church and Prop 8.

But I know that there are a lot of issues being debated by Adventists in America and around the world these days. In addition, here at Spectrum we struggle with the challenge of just a few folks dominating the daily discussions. Not everyone with opinions is a graduate student, retired, or sleepless. We always want to hear from more!

Spectrum has over 350 members on our Facebook pages, most of whom you haven’t heard here. Here’s a few:

Significantly, these Facebook members – very wrapped up in young families, friends, school and new careers – overwhelmingly represent the next educated Adventist witness in their local communities. They are often young pastors, professors, students, artists, managers and medical professionals.

Thus, in an effort to hear more Adventist voices, I have invited everyone in our Facebook Cause and Group to share an issue, proposition, candidate, ideology, or local measure that’s on their mind these days. As they fight procrastination and write in through Nov. 4, I will post their short essays.

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