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Intersection TV: Who are Adventists?

Here’s another discussion from Intersection, hosted by Bettina Krause, assistant to the General Conference president for global initiatives.

“What are some of the common misconceptions about who Seventh-day Adventists are and what they believe? What do Adventists want the world to know about their church and its values? Our panelists talk about the public image of the church and explore some of the essential characteristics of this rapidly growing, diverse faith community.”

Panelists: Rajmund Dabrowski: Communication director, Seventh-day Adventist world church; Garret Caldwell: Public relations director, Seventh-day Adventist world church; Pat Gustin: former director, Institute of World Mission

Who are Seventh-day Adventists Really? from Intersection on Vimeo.

General Conference President Jan Paulsen shares what he highlights in those airplane conversions in which someone asks him: what does Seventh-day Adventist mean?

Pastor Jan Paulsen talks about Seventh-day Adventists from Intersection on Vimeo.

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